Caduceus Exams provides clients across the United Sates the convenience of a complete employer solution for the management of future and current employee occupational healthcare needs. Whether a client is requesting drug screens, physicals, workers compensation treatments or any diagnostic exam, clients will be comforted by knowing the highly skilled and Occupational Medicine Board Certified manged team at Caduceus Exams thoroughly reviews all results and provides the information efficiently. 

Caduceus Exams has leveraged our state-of-the-art proprietary IT systems, world class program management capabilities and broad network of medical providers to implement medical programs for a large and dispersed workforce.

Why Us



The mission of Caduceus Exams is to provide excellent medical services to our clients. Our organization's mission is rooted in building long-term partnerships with our clients by implementing highly-customized solutions and utilizing a dedicated and highly-trained staff that puts client satisfaction above all else. We are committed to placing the highest value on workforce health and well-being with the confidence that promotes effectiveness and quality of life.


To provide world class medical management for all employee health needs in the public, private, and government sectors.


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